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Dice Game

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Game of Craps

Die is one of the most popular objects used in many casino games. Craps is one of such games. The main element of the game is a pair of dice. Craps is considered to be a king of games, the main element if which is a pair of dice. But hardly anybody can answer what makes this game so popular. Maybe it is noise made by the dice when they are rolled and then stop. 

The game of Craps is especially popular in Las Vegas casinos; it is played in nearly all of them. While in Europe the game is not so popular. The atmosphere surrounding the craps table in a casino is simply not the same if you compare casinos in Europe with Las Vegas casinos - the casinos in Las Vegas offer far more noise and action then casinos in Europe. It is impossible to give an explanation to this difference, but the fact remains: Craps in US and European casinos are two different things.

One can even say that Craps is the most popular casino game in all American casinos. And moreover it is a great fun to play the game of Craps. Players shout and cheer and this makes the game more and more exciting and fun.

In Europe the most popular casino game is Roulette, because unlike American Roulette European variant of the game has only one zero section while American Roulette has two. The main factor for the popularity of the game of Craps is the surrounding atmosphere of the game in US casinos. Players are allowed to shout, to cheer. Moreover every player has an opportunity to play the role of the shooter.

Traditionally dice are made of plastic or other synthetic materials. There are two types of dice. There are dice made for casinos, they are also called professional dice and regular bones used by players at home or in some company. The dice for the casinos are of first-rate quality, the maximum deviation they can maintain is 1/5000 inches. Such dice are used in the game of craps in casinos. The main feature of the so-called amateurish dice is the roundish corners. Dice for casinos are made by hand. They are smooth-texture. In most casinos they are red.

Strategy for Craps

Inexperience is common source of disappointment. One has to know all the rules and the features of the game long before he sits down to the craps table. Some casinos gave its players an opportunity to practise the game before playing for real money. The experience and skill of the player determines the outcome of the game. The game of craps has so called ‘smart’ bets, which are easy to define. Making correct bets increase your chances of winning greatly. In comparison with other bets there exist bets with the lower house edge. Such bets are known as smart bets. Money management must be the first consideration of every gambler.Make sure you have both losing and winning limits. Never exceed them! If you play smart and behave according to the etiquette of the game this is your main strategy. This is the fundamental rule of the game of craps.

Roulette System of Martingale
Craps can be beaten by no system. But there are players believing in it. The Martingale System is the best known. The betting is started by a given amount and the bet is doubled whenever the player loses. The initial amount is started over when he wins. Saving an amount equal to the initial amount is the idea. But after the bet is doubled several times the player can be out of money. The huge amount dictated by the system won't be allowed to be betted by the casino. The Martingale system keeps a profit equal to the initial bet amount.

Free Odds Basic Online Casino Strategy
The free odds bets are made on pass/don't pass & come/don't come. To reduce the casino edge the player can take full odds on their pass/don't pass & come/don't come bets.

The Iron Cross
The player is allowed to win on every roll that is not a seven with the Iron Cross. Place bets on the 5, 6 and 8 and a field bet are the Iron Cross. The player won't get a mathematical advantage with this strategy.

Gambler's fallacy
It is the belief that the probabilities of future dice rolls are influenced by the past dice rolls. Each roll of the dice is an independent event. 1/18 is the probability of rolling an eleven on every roll.

Parity hedge system
Many craps players "hedge their bets". Making multiple bets minimises the risk of losing.

Dice setting or dice control
That the dice are thrown in a special manner is presupposed by this system. The theory is that the dice will be more likely to show certain numbers. Casinos take steps to prevent this. The dice must hit the back wall of the table. It helps to make the controll of the spins more difficult.

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